Dear investor

Thank you for your interest in the Share Republic.

The Share Republic plc is currently open for subscriptions for its shares.

We are seeking to raise £300,000 for working capital to launch the online share dealing platform and demonstrate revenues and client flows.

Investing in companies always carry risks, in particular newly established companies such as The Share Republic.

What you need to know:

  • The Share Republic builds super cool trading software.
  • We are seeking to raise £150,000 under SEIS scheme.
  • We will be raising another £150,000 following the completion of step one.
  • We will use this fund launch the our online share trading platform
  • We need to obtain a variation of permission of our FSA authorisation to do the above
  • The share  price for this offer is 20 pence per share
The scary bits you need to know:
  • You may lose all your invested money
  • You may lose your tax relief
  • There are many risks, we have outlined those in section 8 of the offer document
  • The value of your investment may go up or down and there is no guarantee that you will get your invested money back
  • We may not be able to achieve our forecast financial projections.

Please read section 8 Important Notice and Risk Factors in The Share Republic Business Plan and Offer for Subscription document carefully.


Find our more about The Share Republic

1. Click to read The Share Republic plc Business Plan and Offer for Subscription.
2. Click to view our videos on You Tube

Apply for The Share Republic plc Shares online.

Before making an application to subscribe for New Ordinary Shares, you are recommended to consult your financial adviser or a person authorised under the FSMA, who specialises in advising on the acquisition of shares and other securities. The following instructions should be read in conjunction with the Application Form and the Terms and Conditions of Application set out in the The Share Republic Offer for Subscription Document. Applications must be for a minimum of 2,500 New Ordinary Shares and thereafter in multiples of 2,500 Ordinary Shares at 20 pence each.

By submitting the Application Form online, you irrevocably undertake, confirm and agree that:

a. you are not a national or resident of the United States of America (including its territories, its possessions and all areas subject to its jurisdiction) or Canada or Australia or a corporation, partnership or other entity organised under the laws of the United States of America or Canada (or any political sub-division of either) , Australia, Ireland, Japan or South Africa, and that you will not offer, sell or deliver directly or indirectly any of the New Ordinary Shares under the Offer in the United States of America or Canada or Australia, Ireland, Japan or South Africa or to the benefit of any person resident in the United States of America or Canada or Australia, Ireland, Japan or South Africa.

b. you are entitled to take New Ordinary Shares under the Offer comprised herein under the laws of all relevant jurisdictions which apply to you, and that you have observed such laws and obtained all governmental and other consents which may be required thereunder and complied with all necessary formalities; and

c. you have read the Section headed “Risk Factors” in section 8 of this Document and confirm that you understand the nature of the risks and that you could lose all your investment in the Company.

The Share Republic will use this email address to communicate with you in relation to this specific investment and other relevant communications from The Share Republic.